Dave Harder

Dave is a legend and what we like to call our Maverick. When it comes to anything bike related he is the Best of the Best in our opinion. Dave moved to Kimberley from Calgary last year where he worked at Bow Cycle and previous to that worked at Fanatyk in Whistler. Dave has been on a bike for as long as he can remember, entering the race scene when he was only 9 and becomming an elite level rider before he turned 20. In 2016 Cube noticed his talent and sponsored him for the race season.

Dave is still an ambassador for Cube bikes and because of this we are proud to feature them in our store. When you are out enjoying our beautiful trails as well as the exceptional new Bootleg downhill track there is a pretty good chance Dave is in part responsible for not only for helping to build but the concept as well. He has been involved with the trail society in helping building trails, and upkeep. Biking and all that goes with it is simply not just a passion for this Aussie, its a way of life.

Dave has volunteered for the Kimberley freewheelers, teaching kids how to ride as well as fostering a love of the sport of biking. While in the Platzl one evening I watched one parent go up to Dave and say "could you please tell my son to wear a helmet, he won't listen to me" Dave chatted with him and he hasn't been seen without one since.

I think the coolest thing I have seen since working with Dave is the level of respect he has gained in our community in the short time he has been here. Dave is an amazing rider and bike mechanic but it comes with zero ego attached to it. He is humble, and grateful and ready for any challenge you and your bike may bring his way.