Jake Ferguson

When we started building renovating the shop there was always a strange noise coming from the back room. There were reports of it coming from the early morning until late into the afternoon and sometimes the evening.

One day we finally decided to see what it was so we searched and searched and under a pile of boxes we found Jake. We can only assume Jake has been living in the bike shop since the beginning as he seems to be filled with knowledge and skill in all things bike related. Although he looked quite well taken care of Dave still took pity upon him and asked if he would like to stay on with him and build his workshop.

Jake went to work immediately cutting boards, measuring and designing the shop he dreamed about all that time sleeping under the bike boxes. When the tools came in he squealed with delight at the chance to organize and put them away. Since then we have cleaned him up, put him through university (Trek University that is) and put him to work.

It has been so amazing to see Dave work with his protégé. We are positive that this little shop rat is going to be hands down the best bike mechanic in Kimberley in the not too distant future but until them he must.... wax on...wax off...until Dave says he's ready. At Blackdog, we are proud to support the passion and dreams of our youth. Hard work at every age deserves to be recognized and this kid has got it dialed.

Remember the name Jake Ferguson because someday your bike will need him, and it is our hope you will find him here for years to come.